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In the box below, Please state how you want to receive the requested information and provide the necessary address (ie. email, fax, mail)* so that it may be delivered to you.   Please state what you want and provide the (necessary information).
If you want either an Alleyne pro forma or Alleyne custom petition** provide inmate's full name and federal registration number
If you want a case docket,***identify the court and its location (for example: federal district court for the [Northern] District of [Illinois], or the Circuit Court of [Cook County], [Illinois], identify the defendant [or other relevant party] by full name and, if known, provide the case number. 
If you want documents,****you may specify the document you want  by type (for example: "indictment," "petitioner's brief," "petition for writ of certiorari," "opinion") or by specific title; you may ask me to  "provide a complete list of documents," from which list provided you in a responsive email what  you want specifically; or you may indicate "all"  and that is what you'll get.
If you want an attorney referral,***** you should specify the court locale.
Briefly state any other requests that you would like me to address and do not forget to click on the Submit Button at the bottom of the box when you are finished with your message.
    *There is no charge for email or fax.  Mailing will be at cost as determined by the delivery service.
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  **There is a charge for Alleyne of $50 for pro forma and $150 for customized Petition plus mailing      costs.  Add $1 for Supreme Court Cover Letter; $2 for in forma pauperis petition and affidavit.
  ***There will be a $5 charge per federal case docket.  State charges will be assessed after your                email identifying the court involved.  Subscription for status will be at the rate of $1.50/months'         duration (ie.. 3mo./$4.50; 6mo./$9; 9mo./13.50; but only $12 for twelve months).
  ****Documents will be provided at cost plus $5.
*****There is no charge for attorney referral. 
Please remit payment via PayPal.

If you must pay by money order, check, or other means, please so indicate in the box below and bear in mind that there may be delays pending clearance of funds as no request requring funds will be honored until after receipt of funds.